Sheri – by Glynis Dawes

Sheri teaches singing to all age groups and is able to support you in the style of your choice. She is also able to help those who are having difficulty with their voice, whether it be for performance, singing or speaking on stage, or in the work environment.

Sheri has been working on a one to one basis as well as running workshops in both Voice and Movement and also in Songwriting for over 20 years.

She has an extensive professional singing background as well as trainings in Voice And Moment Therapy (therapeutic Voicework), Body Psychotherapy, Trauma and Gestalt.

Sheri trained with the originator of Voice and Movement Therapy, Paul Newham, with CBPC in Cambridge, Babette Rothchild in Trauma training and with Joseph Zinker in Gestalt.

In younger years Sheri trained classically with Jean Marshall and under Jean’s tuition, she won distinctions performing Mozart at Classical festivals.

She has an extensive knowledge of voice and the many timbres that can be taught and used for many different styles, from rock to folk, from Jazz to blues and pop. Email her at to discuss your needs.

She rarely has the time to set up and run workshops herself but if you are an organiser and are wanting to invite her to run a workshop for you, please get in touch.


Sheri is also able to support clients with Voicework and Movement as a journey of healing and creative imagination using her knowledge and trainings both in Therapeutic Voicework and in Psychotherapy.

The voice is a bridge between the inner world of mood, emotion, image, thought and experience and the outer world and our real need for relationship and interaction, communication and the expression of ordinary happiness and love for others. Through voice we can re-experience and express ourselves, releasing our sufferings and supporting our ability to be true to our creative self.