Kettle’s In the Kitchen

Kettle’s In the Kitchen

Kettle’s In The Kitchen, the latest album by The Sheri Kershaw Band is out now and available to buy on Amazon. Click here to buy on Amazon.


  1. You Don’t See Me
  2. It Really Doesn’t Matter
  3. Longing
  4. Kettles In the Kitchen
  5. Roses
  6. The Colours of Life
  7. Where We Are Now
  8. Rock-a-bye Daddy
  9. I Don’t Want Your Lovin
  10. Crying Shame
  11. If I Make A Wish
  12. We Are One

All songs Written by Sheri Kershaw © Copyright Sheri Kershaw 2011

All Vocals and Guitar on all tracks except I Don’t Want Your lovin by Sheri K

Martyn Hewitt on Guitars

Chris Brimley on Guitar ( You Don’t See me) and Bass on all other tracks

Phil Ball is the other guitar on I Don’t Want Your Lovin

Recorded at Ashby Studios

Mastered by David Richardson, SRT Chapel Kensington

Photography Izzy Spint

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